Aegean View Villas Halki - Chalki Island, Greece

​Stunning Apartments in Chalki, with sea view 

Chalki, the untouched beauty...

  1. Chalki Island
    Chalki Island
​​Chalki is a beautiful island of Dodecanese, located very close to Rhodes. Not much developed in tourism, this is a perfect destination for peace and privacy. The island distinguishes for its traditional architecture and the relaxing beaches. In the heart of the traditional settlement of Halki there are  restaurants with local food, cafes and few shops.​​

Chalki has been especially popular in recent years, and chosen as ‘’the island of peace and friendship’’, a meeting place for young people from all over the world! 

Reaching harbor you think that unfolds in front of you a lively painting. Two and three storey neoclassical houses painted in bright and vivid colors perched on the rocky mountains of the island reflect the glorious past of the island since it was once one of the islands with rich tradition of sponge fishing and international trade.
Nimporio is the main port of the island. In the centre of Chalki island, there is an abandoned village with a Medieval Castle on top. This village was abandoned when piracy was confronted in the Aegean Sea and people started to move around the port.

If you like to explore the island there is a shuttle bus driving the only road available in the island that takes you to a Medieval castle on the top of a hill above the village and further down to the Sant John Monastery. 

The drive takes almost an hour but is worth the effort as you can see the island from above the hill.
This beautiful  island guarantees you memorable and relaxing vacation…
How to reach Chalki
The best way to reach Chalki is to fly to the International Airport of Rhodes (Diagoras Airport), with one of the numerous chartes or regular flights, and then catch a correspondence.

From Rhodes to Chalki there is daily correspondence.

By the high speed catamaran Dodekanisos from Rhodes Harbour
Dodecanisos Seaways performs sea routes to and from Rhodes two times a week. Usually on summer time it departs every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am from the main port of Rhodos Town (Kolona port). It arrives at Halki Island approximately at 09:45am. The website for more information and bookings is:

By local boats from the port Kameiros Scala
You can either take the small local boats, from the port Kameiros Scala, a small port on the west side of Rhodes: the boat leaves every day at 2:30 p.m., and the trip takes about one hour and fifteen minutes. (you can buy tickets only on board)

During the summer time there are extra routes daily.

Chalki has also ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus Anafi, Heraklion (Crete), Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kasos, Kos,

Milos, Nisyros, Rhodes, Santorini (Thira), Sitia, Tilos.

You can book online your tickets from the following websites:

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